Effective development

The costs of new products are determined to a large extent by their development phase. A wrong decision can often have fatal consequences. Against this background, Müller always supports its customers from the earliest possible stage.

The objective is clear: speedy development of technically sophisticated, highly efficient solutions for the injection moulding industry. Our many years of experience, and the continuous training of our staff guarantee this. Consistently high levels of quality are not achieved by chance.

Development of products, IML labels and moulds

For the optimum quality of products and moulds. Also against the background of design suitable for IML.

FEM analysis

According to the customer’s requirements, this service can include, among other things:

  • Moldflow simulations
  • products calculations, such as top load, stackability etc.
  • weight optimisation of products
  • machine locking (closing) force calculations
  • cooling analysis for fastest cycle time


By means of stereolithography or prototype and pilot moulds, tested on INHOUSE IML system