Precise design

The basis of every design by Müller: an exact analysis and appraisal of individual customer requirements, taking into account all technical and economic aspects.

Only at that point can the actual work start: a 3-D volume-oriented CAD/CAM – for generating complex geometric forms. It goes without saying that our systems are also flexible enough to accept customer-specific data in today’s customary formats.

Interconnected CAD/CAM for “production and administration”

CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) plays a decisive role at Müller for the smooth, efficient and problem-free exchange of data and information, both within the company and with customers. For the design process, this means the creation of:

  • 3D-product models
  • product drawings
  • 3D-mould models
  • mould drawings
  • parts lists and diagrams
  • instructions for using moulds
  • 3D machining programs